Problem statement: job candidates don't know where they are in a recruitment cycle
Possible solution: a platform that syncs the process between recruiters and job candidates

UX Hackathon -- Improve Candidate Experience

Team "Jet-no-Lag", 3rd place team winner

About the UX Project
April 28 6pm to April 29 5pm @ Jet Headquarters, Hoboken, New Jersey

Yangyang Long | Pan Pan | Yulin Liu

My Role
User research | Field research | Presentation design


Before the Hackathon started, I reached out to Jet recruiters and Jet applicants to seek interview opportunities, seeking information regarding challenges for job seekers and recruiters.  

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Moments of Truth

Three Candidates:

Jet Candidate Candice
I never had my expectation up. I understand that HR are busy. So when they replied quickly, I thought it was pretty exciting.


Jet Candidate Cameron
After I submitted my application, I got confused because I received an email asking me to apply again. I was caught in the loop and applied for three times.


Jet Candidate Cody
I received an HR interview a day after the technical interview. I got a rejection email after that saying that they were not interested in moving forward, because “my qualifications did not match their requirements.” I was confused, why would you reject someone after a behavioral HR phone interview?


Three Recruiters:

Jet Recruiter Rachel
It's not possible to call everybody to reject them.


Jet Recruiter Robert
I think the hard part for the candidate is to get feedback. It is challenging for us to manage the candidates in a timely matter. Sometimes we have 20 different roles, 3 for each. The pressure should not be heavily added on the candidate only.


Jet Recruiter Ruby
The hardest part for me is that there are a lot of emails and scheduling to do. There is a lot of back and forth. In 2 days, booked time slots and availabilities changed. It should be a quick process and I don't want to take a candidate's time too much.

Pain Points



  1. They don’t know where they are in the process.
  2. Not sure if they should check in with the recruiter again at certain points.
  3. Not sure if they were rejected already.


  1. The back and forth of scheduling times is challenging.
  2. Too many versions of rejection letters. They are not sure if this is the right language at this point.
  3. Sometimes don't have time or forget to send updates to the candidate.



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    User Flow


    Final Mock-Ups


    Event Snapshots

    Moving Forward

    more user testing and iterations!