Problem statement: students & parents want to know a tutor better before booking a session.
Possible solution: helping each tutor build a short intro video embedded in the app.

“What I'm looking for is not out there, it is in me.”

– Helen Keller

During the summer of 2016, I interned at Gooroo as a social media marketing intern. Gooroo is an ed-tech startup that connects tutors and students in the NYC area. It is an information technology and services platform that focus on academic achievement through building a bridge between students who want to learn, and tutors who can help.


When I joined Gooroo in April 2016, the marketing team was actively exploring ways to to help adult learners (and parents of young students) to learn more about tutors on their platform. As one can imagine, meeting a new tutor can be nerve-wracking, especially for parents who are choosing a suitable tutor for their young child.

During my conversation with the team, I was surprised by what they do that I had never seen from the other tutoring platforms I worked with -- that if the learners couldn't find a tutor that matched their learning needs, the Gooroo team would reach out to the NYC campuses (Columbia University, NYU, etc.) and actively collect information before they reported back to the learners and their parents and made a tutoring session happen. 


Inspired by how the Gooroo team cater their services to each tutor-seaker as a client, I joined the brainstorming to find ways how to make tutor-seakers know more about the tutors before their first meeting. When I mentioned the idea of making short (and high-quality) introduction videos for each (registered and certified) tutor on Gooroo, the marketing team showed strong interest in moving forward with it. They actually had started taking some videos but needed someone to edit them.

I was excited to get on board!


    I started by listing topics a tutor might find it interesting to share with their prospective students, which students might also find helpful to learn from the tutor. 

    • Fun fact about this subject
    • Misconception about this field
    • I am passionate about...
    • An "ah-ha" moment in my tutoring experience.
    • Something I am really good at (better than anybody else in this room) 
    • Something I would like to learn if I had a tutor
    • ...

    Length-wise, we were aiming for <60 seconds. 


    What would make a self-intro personal while professional? As I ran video-recording trials and testings with tutors, I noticed several things that could make, or, well, um...break a self-introduction: 

    • When everything was jargon-y about the field... 
    • When the script was memorized...
    • When it was a chronological story of the tutor's life...
    • When there was no specific memories or details...
    • When there was no hint of passion (or smile) to be found.

    When I am editing short self-intro videos, or the long testimonial interview videos into a fast-paced promo-video for the website, there were multiple lessons about collaboration learned too:




    1. I did not want to keep multiple versions of the video without receiving feedback. During the editing process, my Project Manager, Hermany Niu was accessible and provided comments as soon as she received my updated videos.
    2. To familiarize myself with some techniques in Adobe Premiere, I sought help from group members who were more "fluent" in the film-editing field. I reached out to students at SVA, New York and designers at Gooroo. 
    3. Video editing is a story-telling process. The product may change greatly considering how to use the large amount of footage with rhythm, theme, music, subtitles, etc. I was glad to have participated in discussions with the marketing and design team and talked about what kind of story they hoped to deliver. 


    The videos were up on the app for tutor-seekers to access! 

    Challanges & Iterations

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    Thank you, Gooroo,
    for my first ed-tech experience!